We use a totally disposable waxing system that prevents cross contamination between you and any other client. We use strip wax for legs and some facial waxing. Disposable hot wax is used for Bikini line, G-string, Brazilian and underarm as these areas are more sensitive.


Waxing will leave you relatively free of hair growth for 3-4 weeks. This may not happen on your first wax due to the natural hair growth cycle, so we recommend a treatment plan of waxing the area every 4-6 weeks to work in with your hair growth cycle.


The majority of hairs need to be at least half a centimetre long when coming in for your waxing treatment.


We have packages available for a combination of waxing treatments.


Waxing Services

  • Upper Lip - $19 - 10mins
    (Removal of unwanted hair from the upper lip.)

  • Facial waxing - $29 - 20mins
    (Includes jawline, neck, chin & upper lip. Eyebrows not included.)

  • Underarm - $32 - 10mins
    (Removes unwanted hair under the armpit.)

  • Bikini wax - $34 - 20mins
    (This is where we wax the outside of your normal knicker line.)

  • G-String wax- $49 - 20mins
    (A high bikini wax that includes the inner thigh to the buttocks.)

  • Brazilian wax - $65 - 30mins
    (Hair is removed in front, back and everything in between. Sometimes a strip of hair is left in the front but many clients opt for everything removed.)

  • Full Arm Waxing - $45 - 30mins
    (Is from the wrist to the shoulder. Or just include the forearm - $30 allow 20mins)

  • Forearm Wax - $30 - 20mins

  • Half Leg wax - $49 - 30mins
    (Is from the toes to just above the knees for both legs.)

  • ¾ Leg wax - $59 - 30mins
    (Is a full leg not including the bikini.)

  • Full Leg wax - $79 - 50mins
    (Is from the toes and includes the bikini line.)

  • Thigh Wax - $59 - 30mins
    (Is from above the knee and includes the bikini line.)

  • Back or Inner Thigh Wax $35 - 10mins
    ($20 when added to another waxing treatment at the same time.)


Waxing Combos

  • ½ Leg & Bikini or Underarm -$75 - 40mins

  • ½ Leg, Bikini & Underarm - $99 - 50mins

  • ½ Leg & Brazilian - $99 - 60mins

  • ½ Leg & Brazilian & Underarm - $120 - 70mins

  • Full Leg & Brazilian - $130 - 60mins

  • Full Leg, Brazilian, Underarm - $155 - 80 min



  • "Leading up to my wedding I began having trouble with my skin. Essentially Skin were really helpful in offering their treatment and advice. Your wedding package was fantastic!"

    Amy Thompson

  • "From the initial booking through to leaving Essentially Skin on my big day, Katie and the team were very professional. I have no hesitation at all in recommending Essentially Skin to any future brides looking for a professional, friendly and quality service"

    Mel Aubrey

  • "I really loved my makeup and it lasted so well and it was comfortable to wear all night. I recommend the Essentially Skin team so much for the fantastic work they did for me on my special day. Thank you ladies."

    Soraya Te Iringa

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