Needling Advanced Collagen Induction Therapy

The most advanced all-in-one skin treatment to target:


Acne Scarring, Pigmentation, Aged Skin, Stretch Marks, Enlarged Pores, Burn Scarring, Sun Damage, Create Healthy Skin


Questions and Answers:

What is Needling Advanced Collagen Induction Therapy?

DMN is a clinical procedure using a disposable needling roller. The fine needles penetrate through to the bottom layers of the skin to stimulate the collagen and elastin producing cells which creates a controlled wound and allows the skin to heal to a healthier state.


How many treatments will I need and how long will my results last?

This depends on the extent of the skin damage we are repairing. Usually 4-6 treatments are required. The results will vary depending on the condition of the skin Anti-aging results will last as long as the individual’s natural collagen (approx 5-10 years)

Scarring will permanently be reduced unless future damage occurs.

Pigmentation is the hardest condition to treat but does respond well to DMN.


What needs to be done before having a treatment?

This is an advanced and intensive treatment, therefore there are crucial protocols that must be followed by both your therapist and yourself at home to prepare your skin for this treatment. During your consultation we will inform you of the client care protocols, discuss options for anaesthetic, the skin conditions to be treated, length of needles to be used, your medical history and we will inform you about the procedure and aftercare requirements.

This consultation needs to be done no less than two weeks before your first scheduled treatment.


Is DMN safe?

Yes. DMN is one of the only advanced skin therapy treatments that does not risk the skin developing post-inflammatory pigmentation. There is little downtime and minimal side effects, DMN is suitable for most people. We use a fully disposable system - the roller and all equipment is safely disposed of after every treatment and our clinical room is dedicated to sterile procedures only. The roller comes in a full sterile state which will be opened out of its gamma radiated packaging in front of you before your treatment.


DMN Pricing:

  • Initial Consultation - $40 (30mins) - redeemable on first DMN treatment.

  • Needling Face - $260 each (90mins)

  • Pre-pay 6 x Needling Face - $1404 Save 10%

  • Needling Face with Peptide Infusion - $345 each (120mins)

  • Pre-pay 6 x Needling's with Peptide Infusions - $1863 Save 10%

  • Needling Décolletage - $260ea (90mins)

  • Pre-pay 6 x Needling Décolletage - $1404 Save 10%

  • Needling Décolletage with Peptide Infusion - $345 each (120mins)

  • Pre-pay 6 x Needling Décolletage with Peptide - $1863 Save 10%

  • Needling Body Areas - POA With Consultation



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